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Erik Finman and his Bitcoin success story

Erik Finman and his Bitcoin success story

Erik Finman is a bit like Ilon Mask. But he is just 19. Erik is very smart and at the same time he is working on a variety of projects, but his basic area of interest is cryptocurrency. Erik Finman is one of the youngest Bitcoin millionaires in the world, and can share his Bitcoin success story. His Instagram is filled with pretentious pictures taken in private jets or on a bed full of money. The comments are appropriate: “Cash is nothing compared to Bitcoin, it is just suitable for sleeping on it …”

For the first time, Erik Finman heard about Bitcoin during a protest called “Capture Wall Street.” He came there because his elder brother had taken him to that protest. In his own words, he found the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrency very impressive. Erik bought Bitcoins at the age of 12 for $ 1000, given by his grandmother, trying to look like the skilled investor. He was able to predict the future growth of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Success Story

How it all started

Being one of the pioneers Erik has bought the first Bitcoin when its price was about $ 10. After some few years, the cryptocurrency has already cost more than $1000. When the currency soared he has sold his Bitcoins for $100.000, and at the age of 15 he invested this money in an online school called Botangle, where students contacted the teacher’s video chat. Finman says he liked the new business because his own school years were a “total nightmare”. One of the teachers said that if Erik Finman will leave the school, he has one way only – to work in McDonald’s. And the other teacher, instead of a lesson, set up a free discussion concerning to “say everything you think about Erik Finman”, where the teenager was simply ridiculed.

Finman had a perfect childhood. First, he grew up on a farm in Idaho, where lamas were bred. “One of our lamas was called Sausage – unfortunately, later it turned into her,” he recalls. In 2015, Finman made his most successful decision: he sold the technology to Botangle. The buyer offered him 300 Bitcoins or 100.000$ in cash – he has chosen the Bitcoins. At that time, it was a risky choice, as Bitcoin has fallen to $ 200. However, this investment step was undoubtedly successful. One Bitcoin today costs about $ 10.000. Currently, Erik Finman has 401 Bitcoins in his hands, as well as a set of other stable cryptocurrencies.

*The photo source: Youtube: Ted