Kingsley Advani – Millionaire by 24

As opportunities go, the opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies are proving time and again how fast one can become wealthy in a technologically gifted society. One of the best stories out there is the one about Kingsley Advani, who probably became a millionaire faster than you can guess.

In his early 20s, before he started his bitcoin trading career, Kingsley Advani was aware – just as you are if you’re reading this – of the huge potential of the crypto market. He analyzed the trends and behaviors of the market and realized something which changed his life. He realized that this was his opportunity for a financial breakthrough, and having some Bitcoin would be his way of keeping up with current trends.

Kingsley sold everything he had, and used the money to buy Bitcoin some Ethereum, and let it “simmer”. Within six months of his purchase, Bitcoin went up 1461% from $1,300 to 19,000. Ethereum went up 1857% from $70 at the time of purchase to $1,300. In the end, Mr. Advani ended up with 7 figures just from this little investment – all within 6 months.




How is Kingsley Advani different from you – or anyone else? What makes him different from other people who trade in the market but end up penniless?
He’s different because he comes prepared. He didn’t just buy Bitcoin “to try it”. Moreover, he didn’t just buy Bitcoin. He bought Ethereum as well – a relatively new cryptocurrency.
This is a telling sign.

Kingsley Advani wasn’t just some young man who got lucky. Advani studied Data Mining at Stanford University, got a Bachelor of Finance Exchange, Alternative Investments at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and Bachelor’s Degree in Finance & Economics at the University of Melbourne. He went beyond book-learning and acquired some real-world experience. Advani worked for Finest Games, Uber, AirBnB, IBM and BNP Paribas.
If you’re into trends, we’re sure you can spot the trend here. Advani did his research, got the training, prepared for the market. Clearly this is someone with a burning passion for finance and a deep understanding of the market.

His analysis lead him to the conclusion that “at no point in human history have people in their 20s had such an opportunity to invest in such high-growth assets”.

What advice does Kingsley Advani have for investors looking to follow in his footsteps?

  1. “Only put in what you can afford to lose.”
  2. Do your research before investing.

Photo source: Twitter