What Is It JSECoin? JSE Coin Explanation

What is JSEcoin?

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m going to assume that you’ve heard of cryptocurrency once or twice this past year. The most popular crypto at the moment is Bitcoin, but others are quickly gaining strength in the financial world. What is a cryptocurrency, you ask? Cryptocurrencies are essentially just digital money. One cryptocurrency that is making headway in the crypto world is JSEcoin. Launching its platform in August 2017, this coin is looking to transform cryptocurrency. JSEcoin runs off the Etherum platform – another very popular cryptocurrency. Each crypto has different qualities and features which they try to use to separate themselves from the competition. JSEcoin has plenty of unique features that make this coin interesting and convenient.

What makes JSEcoin unique?

JSEcoin is one of the first cryptocurrencies based on environmental well being. Mining cryptocurrencies (a popular way to earn crypto) utilizes a massive amount of electricity in the process. In contrast, JSEcoin is mined using extra CPU resources causing a lighter impact on the environment. Being that it is a javascript-embedded cryptocurrency you can mine it right from a browser. Web browser mining was designed to give people who aren’t as technically inclined a chance to mine crypto. All you need to get started mining JSEcoin is a web browser or website. This gives businesses a great opportunity to monetize the material on their own websites. This also overcomes having a limited distribution pool that most other cryptocurrencies have.

JSEcoin and the current market

The cryptocurrency market cap is well over 200 billion dollars today. As the blockchain technology slowly integrated into the gates of mainstream business, JSEcoin is striving to make the transition a smooth one. E-commerce businesses will able to allow customers to pay with JSEcoin through their merchant tools. This is a crypto that was built with the consumer in mind first. Focusing on content monetization, web-based payments, and digital advertising, JSEcoin is perfect for expanding your online business. JSEcoin is also an opt-in platform which means that mining can only be done with permission. JSEcoin can also get you paid properly from traffic in remote locations. Typically this type of traffic is not very profitable in online marketing but this coin is optimistic about changing this.

Other benefits of JSEcoin

Another online sector that JSEcoin is looking to dominate is the online advertising space. Cryptocurrencies are realizing the potential of online advertising and are quickly assimilating themselves into the business. JSEcoin is one of the largest publishing bases out there with over 22,000 publisher websites and 15 million impressions. The different types of advertising methods this crypto  would support are-but not limited to:
Banner ads
Pop up ads
video ads
Shortened link ads
Text/link monetization.

JSEcoin also has top of the line fraud and bot prevention which is a big problem in the online marketing business. Ad fraud is constantly evolving and becoming a bigger threat to companies. It can provide vital information to 3rd parties to help them with ad fraud prevention. it’s making massive strides in the crypto world. JSEcoin has a real opportunity to become a go-to tool for businesses looking to monetize as much of their content as possible. Along with the environmental consciousness of its developers, this cryptocurrency looks like it is here to stay.

Unfortunately, JSEcoin has shut down since April 2020 due to the economic climate during the pandemic, the cryptocurrency has gone on hiatus.