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What Is Dogecoin Cryptocurrency? (DOGE)

DogeCoin, from a meme joke to a real cryptocurrency

Imagine a typical love story between two individuals who started out joking and teasing each other. Then their relationship shifted to the more serious stuff. That’s the easiest way to describe the origin of the coin we are about to discuss – dogecoin cryptocurrency.

If you are here out of curiosity about Dogecoin, well, sit back as we summarize it. Fun facts, usage, value, and potential of Dogecoin. So read on and talk like a pro about dogecoin at the end of this short review.

The History of  Dogecoin

Cryptocurrency is pretty young technology. During its inception years, one of the hindrances for its growth is its association with illegal online transactions, such as sales of prohibited drugs, weapons, and services.

The mainstream media was so quick to spread a smear campaign against it that made people fear to embrace the beauty of its purpose. Thus they generated FUD for those who were closely observing from the fence.

Despite some recognition from well-known people from the tech industry, Dogecoin cryptocurrency has to endure this trial for quite some time. Until someone came up with an idea to change how people perceive the cryptocurrency space.

Meet Kabosu-Chan and the rise of the famous meme
During early 2010, there’s a famous internet meme creating a trend across the globe. It is a human-like facial expression of a Shiba Inu Dog named “Kabosu-Chan.”

Thanks to a Japanese woman named Atsuko Sato who would often upload pictures of her rescue-dog to her blog. Among the images is the peculiar and iconic sideways shot of Kabosu-Chan while sitting on the couch with raise eyebrows.

Shiba Inu - Kabuso

The meme was born out of the cute face of a dog. It is playful and fun enough for internet users to make fun of it. They created different varieties of memes using that particular face of Kabosu-Chan.

The Dogecoin Inception

Billy Marcus, a programmer from Portland Oregon, envisioned a fun cryptocurrency that would alleviate the bad reputation of the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency space that shady people had built for using the technology as a means of transaction for their illegal online activities.

Although the idea is good, it hasn’t come to fruition as Billy left the creation of the coin and its domain hanging. Shortly after the creation of this idea, Jackson Palmer, a member of Adobe System Marketing in Australia, purchased the domain and continue the development of the coin.

Marcus noticed the development and started reaching out to Palmer, and they both work on the progress of the creation of the coin. After thoughtful preparation, they started the public offering of the coin on December 6, 2013.

The popularity of the Doge Memes at that time helped propel the dogecoin global branding. It established a remarkable impact in the cryptocurrency space by registering a 300 percent gain in less than three days from its launching date.
The Dogecoin ticker symbol is “DOGE”

Dogecoin Present Usage

Talking about this coin will always link to its massive and friendly legion of the online fan base who commonly uses the coin as a monetary system to reward and support each other on their online endeavors.

Dogecoin’s generous community is also known for raising funds to support a different cause. They were able to create a buzzword many times throughout its history by supporting athletes, foundation, and wellness of 3rd world countries.

Dogecoin Wallet

Interested individuals who want to either invest or use the service of the coin must create a wallet. Creating a dogecoin wallet is as simple as 1,2,3. Go to their official website – , choose whether to create Mobile or Desktop wallet, choose your operating system, and fund your wallet through reliable exchanges.

Dogecoin Tech aspects

Hash algorithm: Scrypt based 

Block Reward: 10000 Dogecoin

Block time: 1 Minute

Dogecoin block explorer:


Although it was initially intended for fun to clear some negative vibes surrounding the cryptocurrency space, the coin has gone too far now and developed real value and usage.

For as long its community is active, the dogecoin will continue to exist and will continue doing good deeds online using the blockchain technology, which is the flagship of a dogecoin.