Jeremy gardner: The Gardner worth over $300 million

Do you employ a gardener? How much do you pay them? You might be underpaying them. This Gardner is worth upwards of $300 million. Of course, I’m speaking of young Jeremy Gardner, nearly 29 at the time of writing these lines. He is a celebrity in his own right

So who is Jeremy Gardner?

A Western Massachusetts boy, he went to Proctor Academy, where he participated in AP classes. In 2010 he graduated from high school and enrolled at Bard College. He studied Political strategy and played ultimate frisbee. In 2014 he decided to transfer to Michigan University. 

Throughout his college and university years, he got involved in extracurricular activities. He took on several roles and internships intending to go into politics. Eventually, Mr. Gardner decided to find a different way to change the world; politics, notwithstanding. 

Jeremy Gardner is Out of politics and into bitcoin

Jeremy heard about bitcoin from an article in Rolling Stone about the Silk Road. Once he understood the great potential of bitcoin, he began buying bitcoin, selling them when the price was five times the price he got them for. 

It was at the University of Michigan that he joined the UM Bitcoin Club. Here he met a reporter who told him there were bitcoin clubs at MIT and Stanford. That same night he contacted the heads of the other clubs. He suggested setting up an organization to coordinate the various club activities. 

A bitcoin career begins.

It was that same year that Gardner co-founded the Blockchain Education Network. He planned for the network to comprise of a network of bitcoin clubs around the world. This was a non-profit effort to educate university students about cryptocurrency.  

Today, the organization has over 300 branches in over 60 countries and promotes technological literacy. Gardner sits at the head of the organization as a chairman of the board. 

Jeremy Gardner’s Success ahead

From there, Gardner founded and created Augur – a market forecasting tool that utilizes blockchain technology. The team working on Augur stayed in a house which they used as an office. After the Augur team left the house, Gardner brought in technology project teams and entrepreneurs to stay in the house and work on their projects. 

Many of the house inhabitants ended up being renowned in their field or for their projects. Thus the house is now known as “Crypto Castle.” 

Gardner proceeded to create many projects, such as Unsung – a project to fight world hunger. 

His more recent project – a lifestyle brand marketing skincare products for men titled “MadeMan” – is already a big success. 

All that’s left to do is follow his career and see what he does next