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How To Buy Bitcoin Online – Ways and Recommendations

How to Buy Bitcoin Online? Your safe Bitcoin Wallet and ways to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Bitcoin completes a decade and in the position of one of the most exciting technologies created in modern times. With the rising interest in Bitcoin, everyone is asking how to buy Bitcoin online. While Bitcoin wallet providers seem to fill the market, it isn’t easy to separate the real from the fake.

From buying the safest Bitcoin Wallet to Buying Bitcoin with Credit, we bring you all the information you will ever need on Bitcoins.

What are Bitcoins?

Perhaps, you have already read it hundreds of times. You can’t keep away from Bitcoins if you are living in the modern world. This is for the clarity you need before buying. When something involves money you need to know more.

Leaving the legend aside of the creation of bitcoin by a group or individual by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, we will get down to exactly how it works today.

How do Bitcoins work as Currency?

Bitcoin is no different from Gold or Paper Currency or the Digital currency in your bank account. Most people talk about intrinsic value. They live in the Stone Age. Currency is only an agreement. When society agrees the currency is ready for use. What is the intrinsic value of the $20 bill?
Critics of Bitcoin don’t understand the safety Bitcoins provide. The ledger for Bitcoin is a public ledger and a copy of every transaction is recorded in every system on BlockChain. In simple words, it’s almost impossible to “cheat” with Bitcoin. Every Bitcoin spent and received is shared with multiple nodes (people or systems).

No one can manipulate a system like that. Bitcoins as a currency is picking up. The exchange rate is over $3000 for a Bitcoin in the current market. This is a testimony of its success.

How to Buy Bitcoin Online?

First, when you buy the Bitcoin where will you keep it? You can store Bitcoin Crypto Wallets or simply Bitcoin Wallets.

Bitcoin Wallet

It’s a system that stores public and private key that controls the access to your Bitcoin. The two numbers Public Key and Private Key are equivalent to Bank account number and PIN.

Using Public-Key anyone can send you Bitcoins but to spend Bitcoins your Private Key is required. You can buy Bitcoin Wallet Online. These are programs or apps that keep the details of your Bitcoin. But, the more secure and preferred form of Bitcoin Wallet is the offline versions: hardware-Ledger Nano S.

While it looks like your simple USB drive, it is the best Bitcoin Wallet for your crypto transactions and storage. Ledger Nano S has been certified by the leading Cybersecurity agency ANSSI. It protects all your Bitcoin and other Crypto assets by locking your private key in a secure chip and further safeguards it by a Pin.

Buying Bitcoin Online

Once you have purchased a secure Bitcoin Hardware Wallet or generated one of the online wallets, you need to open an account with a trusted Exchange, Such us Bitstamp, Kraken, Binace and more.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

The market for Bitcoin is growing. The rates are increasing. You might not want to be too late for the party. Fortunately, you can buy Bitcoins with a Credit Card. Coinmama is one of the trusted names for buying Bitcoin with a Credit Card.

With Coinmama you can buy on credit not only Bitcoins but other CryptoCurrency in the market like Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, etc. All you have to do is put your e-mail Id, details and begin looking for the sellers or buyers you would want to trade with.

Coinmama also provides with Latest News related to Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies. There is enough there for your research on Bitcoin. You can know all the new developments happening in the Crypto world. They also have articles written by experts for beginners.

Alternatives Ways to Buy Bitcoin.

An online and familiar Bitcoin exchange that accepts a variety of payment methods is Paxfull, This online exchange is one of the highly trusted exchanges in the market. It connects the buyers to sellers and ensures that the exchange is secure.
The uniqueness with Paxful is the possibility to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and even with Amazon credit
Once you have the account, you can instantly begin buying or selling. Your Bitcoin Wallet gets connected to the exchange and facilitates the process.

You just have to fill in the amount you are ready to put and it will connect you to the prospective seller. Almost a million Bitcoins have been traded with Paxful. You also get one to one live chat with an experienced Bitcoin trader once you begin trading.


Bitcoin is here to stay. Bitcoins are safer than any other currencies that have been used until now. Investing in time is staying ahead of the curve. This article was to tell you how to buy the safest Bitcoin Wallet, how to buy Bitcoin Online with a trusted partner and the right exchange to buy Bitcoin with credit.