Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash

What’s the difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash

If you ask the man on the street, he would likely have heard of bitcoin (also known as Bitcoin Core). It is featured on major news agencies. For example, about its meteoric rise over the last decade and how millionaires were made by holding just a dollar worth of bitcoin.

So bitcoin is very well established among investors and the public as a cryptocurrency or digital currency and is recognized globally though only some businesses accept it as a form of payment.

Comparatively, bitcoin cash is relatively new ( August 2017) and was created as a “fork” of bitcoin, with some changes to improve transaction cost and speed as the aim was to use it as an alternative to cash. You can see bitcoin cash as an evolution of bitcoin and an improvement of its flaws.

Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash – Top Differences and Similarities

1.Bitcoin Core ticker symbol: BTC / Bitcoin Cash ticker Symbol: BCH

2. Bitcoin Cash logo is the same as the Bitcoin Core logo but the Bitcoin Core logo tends to the right and the Bitcoin Cash tends to the left.

Bitcoin Cash Vs Bitcoin Core

3. In terms of pricing, Bitcoin Cash is currently trading in a lower exchange rate than the Bitcoin Core.

4. Bitcoin Cash has a lower transaction fee than the Bitcoin Core.

5. Initial release: Bitcoin core was invented at the end of 2008 and stated in January 2009. The Bitcoin Cash was created as a hard fork from the original Bitcoin in August 2017.

6. Hash algorithm function: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are using the SHA-256 Hash function.

7. Block Time: 10 minutes for both of the coins.

8. The supply limit of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is the same and stand on 21 Million Coins.

9. The Bitcoin Core block size limit is 1 MB and on the other hand, the Bitcoin Cash block size is 8 MB.

* Here you can find more explanation about what is Bitcoin Cash

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